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you know when you meet someone, and everything just clicks and goes well. and you have your ups and downs and that’s okay. and you can picture yourself with them for a long time, possibly even marrying them. and then it all just turns to shit out of nowhere. its just all gone. and it just seems like you’re always wrong no matter what you say. yeah, idk. that makes me really upset.

Anonymous said: I hope today is better for you :) remember scars are stories, you're super strong, and I bet you can do anything! Smile big, also stay cute ;)

thank you :)

obey-this-dick said: I'm back on tumblr and I'm not sure if you remember me or not but anyway, iidk what you're going through but you still my nigga and I gotchu

thanks niggs. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said: Why don't you trust bisexuals?

cause they like dudes and girls like girls be shady and guys be shady and someone who likes both is probably super hella shady. sorry but if you cant see my trust is super low atm.

Anonymous said: I'm not looking for a response or nothing i just thought you'd should know. And life will get better fuck the rest lol, you know, for whatever it is your currently going through. Wish you the best ~ R

its cool lol thanks though. we should catch up.

Anonymous said: Would you or have you ever dated someone who is bisexual?

nah I don’t trust dem bitches.

Anonymous said: it's Rich :)

who’s rich.






Those eyes..Laaaawdd Jeeeezussss


Seriously I’m taking her home to my momma

I’m gay so um no, you’re not.

all I can say is you’re gonna regret it later on 😌

I have never strongly disliked someone in my whole entire life I’m so done with these petty ass bitches.

Anonymous said: I remember the first day I met you. Now, you regret ever knowing me. I hope down the road we can be friends again. Who knows right ? Sorry :|

idk who you are.

you’re just so full of fucking shit. you say you wanna see how things go and you leave and ignore me. yeah wow that’s so fucking great. awesome. fuck it. this is why I’m staying single. fucking heartless ass bitch.

work with my favorite papi chulos 👏🙈


thank youuuu.