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really-pointless-blog said: hello. (:


work until 12. my fucking god I just want to runaway. bring this punk with me. and just have a pig farm.

Anonymous said: would you date a black girl?

I prefer my Spanish girls.

should’ve been at electric zoo but thanks to my job for fucking everything up. next year, I guess.

Anonymous said: What's your type..I mean what attract you the most in a girl?

her smile. and she has to be funny. its the little things that get me idk I’m not very picky. I would use someone as an example but that’s hella awks.

Anonymous said: Why doesn't penis excite you anymore ? Not penis itself but males

they’re lame. girls are attractive. they’re fun. they’re pretty. they moan. they have boobs. its amazing. especially this one girl, uffff never gonna get over that one. and I hate that she has that affect on me but shit, she baaaaaaad.

secret bae don’t even know she secret bae but I cant say nothing until I know I’m in there ya feels?

wrecklessdesires said: oops. i mean't can i TAKE you out?


xoxomercylove said: You're beautiful, hun !! & I <3 your blog :)

thank you.

xmorticianx said: God you're so cute.


wrecklessdesires said: can i eat you out?

bitch bye.